STAR Symposium Report 2017

STAR Symposium Report 2017

Strategic Asphalt Research - May 10-12, 2017
Publication date: December 2017
ISBN: 9780999623817
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The STrategic Asphalt Research (STAR) Symposium was the seminal event fostered by the Asphalt Institute Foundation (AIF) Research Committee to fit within the objectives of the AIF – to conduct strategic research and educational activities that are designed to advance and improve the liquid asphalt industry. 

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The objective of this report is to capture the discussion that occurred at the STAR Symposium and its interactive sessions to create a reference from which further conversations and initiatives can be launched. From these first steps, the AIF Research Committee, in conjunction with the AIF board of directors, expects to facilitate the continued discussion and growth of those innovation visions that will drive future strategic research initiatives.

Pages: 57
Language: English
Publisher: Asphalt Institute Foundation (AIF)
Edition: First
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